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£434.36 Acer Aspire 5741 LCD LED Core i3 Notebook PC Bundle

The Acer 5741 15.6" Laptop (LX.PSV02.159) with its Core i3 350M (2.26Ghz) Processor and Wireless N Technology is high performance laptop at at an amazing price. The Aspire 5741 is feature rich with its HDMI connection (connect to your HD TV), an integrated 1.3MP Webcam and along with the LED screen (Increased clarity and battery life), this Acer 5741 is the best priced OYYY core i3 on the market.

With more than ample storage at 320GB(Hard drive) and installed 3GB Memory (Expandable to a massive 8GB memory) and DVD dual layer rewite drive, the Acer 5741 Corei3 (2.26GHz) laptop offers power and performance that means running office, photo editing and other applications simultaneously is a breeze . PLus you can run them for longer than normal laptops as this laptop can reach between 4-5 hours battery life (dependant on type of usage)

In conclusion if you are buying a laptop and want the power to play online games and use high performance applications such as Photoshop, then the Acer 5741 Intel Core i3 (LX.PSV02.159) with the lastest (350M Core i3 Chip) has features and performance you would expect from a laptop in the £500 price range .Plus you now get an 1.8m HDMI cableand a 15.6" Carry Case inlcuded in the price !!

You can purchase the Acer Aspire 5741 LCD LED Core i3 Notebook PC Bundle from Oyyy for only £434.36 including VAT and delivery.