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$999 11.6-inch MacBook Air Targets Netbooks

Apple has introduced a smaller version of the MacBook Air to complement the existing 13.3-inch model, giving a slightly lower pricetag of only $999.

The MacBook Air "mini" - which weighs a smidgen above 1Kg - comes with a smaller 11.6-inch LED backlit display capable of displaying 1366x768 pixels, a Core 2 Duo processor clocked at 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce 320M graphics and either 64GB or 128GB Flash memory.

Because of the smaller size, some compromise had to be made and it is not surprising that Apple opted for a smaller battery which provides with up to five hours real life autonomy and a 30 days standby battery life.

The rest from the multi-touch trackpad to the webcam and the Full-size keyboard are all present. The new 11.6-inch laptop, which will be an elegant alternative to high end netbooks and so called thin and light CULV-based Intel laptops, will cost either $999 (£849) or $1199 (£999) depending on configuration.