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Apple Debuts Facetime For Mac

Steve Jobs announced at the "Back to Mac" event that Facetime will now be available for Mac desktops and laptops, the next logical step as the company aims to expand its userbase.

Steve Jobs revealed that Apple has sold 19 million devices with Facetime in the first four months, these are solely iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G devices.

Complete with a new logo, the new Facetime, Jobs promised, doesn't require any prior setup and nothing to configure and is already available as a beta release.

While he showed that Facetime would automatically flip from portrait to landscape and vice versa, it's worth pointing out that it will require Snow Leopard or later.

You will be able to make video calls with one click with an Apple ID and an email address being all that you need.

Facetime for Mac beta can be downloaded from here.