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Apple Mac OS X 10.7 To Come With Mac App Store

Possibly the most important announcement by Steve Jobs yesterday during the "Back to Mac" event was the launch of a new Mac App Store which is the equivalent of what mobile users already know.

The App Store for the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPad has been a phenomenal success, Jobs said, with more than 7 billion apps downloaded altogether, (ed : up from around one billion in April 2009).

The new feature will be rolled out within the next 90 days on Snow Leopard as well and will allow one click downloads, automatic installation & automatic updates, free and paid apps (with the usual 70/30 revenue split), with licenses applying to all the users' personal Macs.

We shall await more details regarding this last detail as we're not sure whether it means that users will be able to use one app on several, registered Apple Mac computers.

Concretely, the App Store will be a stand alone application running just like the iTunes's App Store; one might wonder why Apple did not simply integrate it with iTunes instead.

Obviously, this is a Mac-only application and won't be available to Windows users. You can find more about the new mac App Store here.