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Apple Reveals More About Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, shed more light on the next iteration of Mac OS X 10.7 which will be known as Lion and will be the eighth release of the operating system.

Jobs said tht he wanted to apply the "Back To Mac" theme to the operating system and give back innovations that the company learnt from its mobile products like the iPad and the iPhone, to their elder sibling.

Things that users of mobile Apple devices have long taken for granted, like, full screen Apps, App Home Screens, auto save and auto resume, the App store and multi touch gesture capability.

The latter has already been brought to the Mac environment and Jobs confirmed that Lion will come with a new feature called Mission Control.

It brings together the Dock, the Dashboard and the views of all opened applications, windowed and those in full screen and allows the user to organise these in stacks.

The Launch Pad, another addition to Lion, brings the concept of iOS homescreen, to the Mac desktop prompting immediate comparisons with the iPad and bringing the ability to swipe screens, dragging and dropping apps and more.

Last but not least, Lion - which will be available from summer 2011 - will support full screen applications much like what iPad users can experience plus there's a new Mac App Store. You can learn more about it here.