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Cisco May Target RIM, Analyst Suggests

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion could be targeted by Cisco in a mergers and acquisitions deal, an analyst has claimed.

Phillip Huang, an analyst at UBS, has claimed that the BlackBerry maker could be targeted for takeover by the enterprise networking giant in the near future.

RIM, which is struggling to stave-off competition from Apple and Google's Android OS, has been subjected to several takeover rumours from a list of potential buyers, including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and IBM.

The analyst wrote in a research note: “Though we see RIM facing many challenges, we see timing of (the) impact of some as overstated and believe material share devaluation from current levels make RIM a potential M & A (merger and acquisition) target.”

One of the most prominent reasons being cited for a possible takeover move from Cisco is that the company shares a lot of synergies with RIM.

Cisco can integrate front facing cameras to BlackBerry devices for enterprise video conferencing and add its video editing software to RIM's desktop management software tools as well.