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Dell And EMC Try To Repair Relationship

Dell and EMC Corp are planning to try and fix their working relationship, which took a hit after Dell moved to acquire EMC rival 3PAR.

After years of working together, Dell provoked EMC by attempting to purchase its rival 3PAR. Even though HP eventually managed to outbid Dell to acquire 3PAR, the move damaged the relationship between the two companies.

Joe Tucci, the CEO of storage equipment maker EMC, said in a statement to Reuters: “We are again in discussions to see if we could do something more meaningful and lasting.”

“Both companies would like to do that, but the key is it's got to be meaningful, and it's got to be lasting for me to tell you that it's back on track,” he added.

Dell's partnership with EMC has allowed the computer maker to sell billions of dollars worth of EMC storage equipment.

A spokesperson for Dell told Reuters that EMC continues to be a strategic partner in Dell's storage portfolio and informed that Dell will start to sell two new EMC products later this year.