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Dell Planning To Spend Big On Image makeover

Dell is planning on spending "hundreds and hundreds of millions" on a marketing campaign designed to shed its image as a cheaper alternative to its rivals.

The new marketing campaign will be launched around the same time as the company releases its new laptop products.

Dell said that it would not be focusing on the price but the features being offered by the products, Reuters reports.

Chief marketing officer of Dell's global consumer and small and home business division Paul-Henri Ferrand said: "We're going to stop mentioning price as the single important aspect."

The company will be putting forward its premium line-up of computer and laptop products along with cheaper products, in a way which will make it look better than its rivals.

However, the company didn't elaborate on the exact amount of money it would be spending on the global advertising campaign.

Dell is on the verge on launching a new range of products, including a laptop which comes with JBL speakers and one which turns into a 10-inch tablet device.