EA Buys Game Publisher Chillingo

Electronic Arts has announced the acquisition of Chillingo, the publisher behind the popular iPhone and Android game Angry Birds.

According to Reuters, which first reported the acquisition, EA has purchased the publisher for $20 million.

However, the deal does not include Angry Birds creator Rovio, which still retains the rights to the popular iPad, iPhone and Android game.

Chillingo is also known for publishing the mobile games Cut the Rope, Helsing's Fire and Predators.

EA said in a statement: “Chillingo is widely recognised for publishing highly original and successful games from the developer community. EA is committed to preserving Chillingo's independence enabling them to manage and cultivate their great network of relationships to deliver the optimal gaming experience for consumers.”

Analysts believe that EA will use Chillingo's platform to publish the mobile versions of its popular video game franchises and make a move into the lucrative social gaming market.