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Facebook sets about suing serial spammers

Social networking behemoth Facebook has filed papers in a Federal court against three alleged spam artists.

Steven Richter, Jason Swan and the Canada-based firm Max Bounty Inc are all accussed of using Facebook to offer "enticing but non-existent products and services" to users, encouraging them to pass those fake offers onto their friends.

Facebooks claims that the people named in the court papers have violated the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as well as other state and federal laws.

The outfit is no stranger to collaring spammers having already secured two of the largest judgments in the history of the Internet against Sanford Wallace ($711 million) and Adam Guerbuez ($873 million).

"We will press on with enforcement and collection efforts against spammers and fraudsters, and we’re committed to applying continuous legal pressure to send a strong message to spammers that they’re not welcome on Facebook," said a statement from Facebook's dogs of law.