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Germans Opt Out Of Google StreetView

Google's StreetView online mapping service suffered a set-back after around 250,000 German households opted out of its service.

Ever since Google started taking photos for its StreetView service in Germany, citizens concerned about their privacy were given the option to opt out of the service.

The Germans were at first to be able to opt out of the service by writing a letter to Google. This method was replaced by an online webform, which people could fill in to have their homes and places of business blurred from the service.

The search engine giant said in a blog post: “Out of a total of 8,458,084 households we received 244,237 opt-outs, which equals 2.89 per cent of households. Two out of three opt-outs came through our online tool.”

The company has warned that some of the houses that have been asked to be blurred will remain as they are when the service launches in a few weeks time, owing the massive scale of the system.

Users wishing to have their faces, license plates or houses blurred could do so by clicking on the 'report a problem' button.