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Google Chrome 7 Stable Version Released

Google has released the stable version of its Google Chrome 7 web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac.

According to Google, the Chrome version 7.0.517.41 will come with hundreds of bug fixes, an updated HTML5 parser, and file API and directory upload via input tag, which have been included to enhance the developer side of the open source browser.

Jeff Chang, Product Manager for Google Chrome wrote on a blog post: “Not long ago, we mentioned that we’d be releasing a new stable version of Google Chrome approximately every six weeks to get bug fixes, improvements, and new features in the hands of our users quickly in the spirit of speedy innovation.”

However, some users have expressed their disappointment due to the absence of print preview feature, which, according to Google, is one of the top most requested feature for the platform.

Google's Chrome web browser has been growing at a fast rate in the global web browser market, challenging the dominance of the more established Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.