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Government To Spend £650 Million On National Cyber Security Programme

The UK government is planning to invest £650 million on strengthening Britain's cyber defences.

The money will be spent over a period of four years.

The investment, which will be made through the National Cyber Security Programme, will fall under the Strategic Defence and Security Review which charts out methods of enhancing UK's cyber defences.

Under the National Cyber Security Programme, the government will form a single point of contact for businesses and the members of public to inform the government about cyber attacks.

The government also plans to initiate a new program later in the future, which will educate the public about cyber threats and how to tackle them.

Apart from increasing the government's ability to defend and respond against cyber attacks and threats, a new department will be set-up within the Ministry of Defence which will be focused on increase the cyber strength of military operations.

The UK Defence Cyber Operations Group will have "to provide a cadre of experts to support UK and allied cyber operations, thereby securing vital networks and guiding the development of new cyber capabilities."