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HP To Create Up To 120 Multilingual Jobs In Dublin

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is planning on creating 120 high-end multilingual jobs for its operations in Dublin, Ireland.

According to the company, 50 of the planned 120 vacant positions will have to be filled immediately.

The remaining 70 positions will be filled on the basis of how many candidates turn-up with the desired multi-lingual skills. HP is looking for graduates fluent in German, French and Italian.

The managing director of HP's Ireland division has asked the government to come up with a plan for job creation, in which leading businesses will play a major part. He added that job creation was an important step towards economic recovery of the country.

Other companies are also planning on creating small job opportunities in Ireland, with Alliance Healthcare Information making plans to set-up a multi-lingual call centre in Dublin. However, it is not clear how many jobs it will create.

A new mobile service provider Just Mobile is planning on creating 25 jobs as of now, but is expected to hire 70 more people in two year's time.