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HP Hires Former Meego Boss

The former head of Nokia's Meego operating system has joined Hewlett-Packard as Senior Vice President.

Ari Jaaksi will now oversee the development of webOS for HP.

Jaaksi left the Finnish mobile phone maker due to "personal reasons" and has now been poached by HP to head its webOS division, the operating system it inherited from its acquisition of Palm.

According to tech news site All Things D, sources close of the company have confirmed Jaaksi's hiring.

Jaaksi's resignation from Nokia came after a number of top Nokia executives left, suggesting some level of internal turmoil within the company.

Nokia is desperately clinging on to Meego and Symbian even as rivals surge ahead of it in terms of high-end smartphone devices and the head of the Symbian Foundation has recently resigned from his post, putting Symbian's future in the dark.

HP has been doing some serious head-hunting for its Palm division. The company recently hired Victoria Coleman, the head of Samsung's R&D Center in San Jose.