HTC phones to arrive preloaded with TomTom

Popular satellite navigation company TomTom has announced it is to bundle new mapping software on to the latest HTC Android mobile phones.

Netherlands based TomTom has previously only catered for the iPhone OS and Windows Mobile handsets, where now TomTom has produced an Android version which will accompany the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z.

The new High Tech Computer Corporation mobiles will arrive preloaded with an application called HTC Locations, which will offer up Europe and Asia maps instantly and without the need for a data connection to be used.

HTC location maps are already installed on the handset, where there's no need to download any further maps - unlike mobile phone based Google Maps, which uses the handset's data connection in order to obtain maps which could impact on the tariff's data allowance.

No specific details were furnished to the media as to what the TomTom software might offer, other than the maps and locations are only provided and turn-by-turn navigation will have to be purchased separately.

TomTom hasn't made public if a version of the HTC locations will be available to other Android mobile phones, but if this venture is successful One Mobile Ring believes TomTom could open this app up to the Marketplace for other Android handsets.

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