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Mac Family Represents Third Of Apple Revenues

Tim Cook, Apple's COO, kicked off the "Back to Mac" event by highlighting how important was the Mac to the Cupertino-company even if Apple is increasingly being seen as a mobile behemoth.

Apple, Cook said, gets 33 per cent of its revenue last year from the Mac family, that's $22 billion or to put that in context equivalent to the 110th place in the Forbes Fortune 500 ranking.

This is three times the revenue from five years ago and there are now 50 million people using Mac worldwide. A staggering 13.7 million Macs were sold in the financial year ending 2010 and now account for one in every five PCs sold via retail in the US.

Out of these, 2.8 million were sold through Apple Stores, which welcomed more than 75 million visitors in FY 2010, with half of them new to the Mac experience.

He also noted that there are 600,000 registered Mac developers and growing at 30,000 per month. That pales however in comparison with nearly nine million Windows developers worldwide.

Ironically, Cook mentioned that Microsoft is one of the main developers that continue to invest in the Mac with some notable newcomers like AutoCAD and popular gaming outfit Valve.