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Microsoft To Offer Free Kinect Software To Xbox LIVE Users

Microsoft is planning to offer free additional downloadable content to new Kinect owners in a bid to entice potential customers into purchasing its upcoming motion sensing gaming peripheral.

According to Electronic Theatre, the company has plans to offer a Kinect LIVE Token to people who purchase Kinect games.

The Kinect LIVE Token will work similarly to Microsoft Points Cards and Xbox LIVE Subscription Cards which can be purchased from retail stores. However, instead of charging users for additional downloadable content, the company will be offering additional levels for free.

The only Kinect LIVE Token currently being offered is for the Kinect Adventures game, and it is still not clear how many more Kinect titles will come with this free feature.

Microsoft's Kinect Xbox 360 peripheral is being launched in competition with Sony's PlayStation Move and Nintendo's Wii console, which both offer motion gaming. Microsoft is treating the launch of Kinect as big as that of Xbox 360 and plans to spend $500 million for its marketing.