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Microsoft 'sells' 240 million Windows 7 licences

Microsoft is celebrating the first year of Windows 7 by announcing that it has shifted 240 million copies of the operating system.

In an official blog posting, Microsoftist Brandon LeBlanc toots the Redmond trumpet loud and hard, insisting that Windows 7 is the fastest-selling operating system in history.

We'd take issue with the use of the word "selling", as the vast majority of PCs come pre-installed with Microsoft's latest and greatest, and buying an X86 machine without the OS is a bit like trying to buy a Big Mac without the bun, but we'll let that one slide.

Sweeping aside the debacle that was Vista, LeBlanc proudly states that Microsoft outpaced Apple in terms of customer satisfaction for two months out of 12 in 2010. I don't suppose Steve Jobs will be losing any sleep over that one as the Cupertino company has consistently topped annual customer satisfaction polls for the last decade.

LeBlanc also seems to think it's a good thing to point out that, at the same time last year, 30 per cent of Microsoft's OEM partners were refusing to have anything to do with Vista. That's not, of course, the direction in which he spins it.

"Six months after launch, 100 per cent (over 18,000) of our OEM partners were selling Windows 7 PCs versus 70 per cent for Windows Vista PCs at a comparable time period," he said, somehow managing to keep a straight face.

Laugh? We nearly dropped our new MacBook Air.