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Nokia Siemens Networks And Qualcomm Partner To Increase Phone Battery Life

Nokia Siemens Networks has teamed up with Qualcomm to come up with standardised network technology designed to enhance the battery life of smartphones.

Nokia Siemens explains that smartphones are usually in the "always on" mode, in which apps and other features keep receiving updates and messages from the network. This results in the battery of the smartphone draining quickly.

However, in order to preserve the battery life of the smartphone, a technology called Fast Dormancy is used.

Fast Dormancy works by constant connecting and disconnecting the smartphone from the network. This constant breaking and connecting of the connection causes the network to strain.

The technology jointly developed by Nokia Siemens and Qualcomm is called Cell_PCH, which keeps the smartphone is a battery preserving idle state but keeps it connected to the network.

“We are committed to optimising the end-to-end performance of smartphones, which means focusing on both mobile device battery life and on reducing signalling traffic within the network,” Jan Hellman, head of the mobile broadband program at Nokia Siemens Networks, said in a statement.