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Symbian Foundation Boss Resigns

The head of the Symbian Foundation has resigned from his post as the platform loses its grip of the smartphone market as competition from Android and Apple increases.

Lee Williams, who has previously working at Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia, had joined the Symbian Foundation two years ago.

The former head of the Symbian Foundation cited personal reasons for leaving the organisation and the foundation's board has appointed Tim Holbrow as the new head of the organisation.

Holbrow was previously the chief financial officer of the Symbian Foundation.

William's resignation comes at a time when Nokia, the biggest supporter of the Symbian platform, is desperately trying to stave-off competition from Apple and Google's Android mobile platform. The future of the Symbian platform has been again plunged in to uncertainty.

Nokia remains a staunch supporter of the platform and has no intentions of following its rivals into start using Android. Instead, the company is developing an in-house mobile platform, with hopes of giving Apple and Android some competition.