£350 Sanyo PLC-XW200 Ultra-Portable Multimedia Projector

Introducing the Sanyo PLC-XW200 Ultra-Portable Multimedia Projector (PLC-XW200) – that offer educator outstanding cost performance with an eco stand-by power mode that uses a mere 0.4 watts and their exclusive "Easy Setup Function".

These projectors are extremely easy to operate and offer advanced features such as wired LAN management – making them perfect for educators. Using a mere 0.4 watts, the PLC-XW200 is SANYO's most ecological data projector.

The eco power stand-by mode saves about 80% of the energy that is consumed by similar previous SANYO projectors. By redesigning the electrical circuits, these two projectors are able to comply with the EuP-Directive Lot 6 and the EU RoHS Directive.

As an additional environmental measure, all the packaging contains pulp molds, which can be recycled as used paper. The projector incorporate SANYO's latest "Easy Setup Function", which include Auto Input Signal Search, Auto Vertical Keystone Correction, and an Input Guidance Function.

The Auto Input Signal Search automatically detects the input signal and makes the necessary internal settings. The Auto Vertical Keystone Correction function automatically detects its position angle and corrects for any image distortion.

And finally, the Guidance Function displays on-screen connection instructions when there is no input signal detected, enabling easy setup for expert users and novices alike.

The Sanyo PLC-XW200 Ultra-Portable Multimedia Projector costs a mere £350 at Oyyy including VAT and delivery.