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Angry Birds Clocks 3 Million Downloads On Android

Angry Birds, one of the most popular games on Apple's iOS platform, has been downloaded more than three million times by Android users according to a post on Google's Mobile Ads blog.

Peter Vesterbacka of Finnish games developer Rovio confirmed that the milestone was reached in less than one week with two million games downloaded within the first two days.

The app for Android is supported by Google AdMob's advertising platform and is being used by the search giant as a case study to convince other major developers to (a) code for Android (b) use Google's AdMob rather than say, Apple's iAd.

Google has been working hard to convince others to join in, touting the fact that they can serve ads within their app for free with the developers being paid on performance-based metrics.

In total more than 18 million copies of Angry bird have been downloaded across the main mobile platforms - Symbian, iOS, WebOS and Android - including seven million paid for downloads in 60 countries.

The news comes a few hours after the publisher that made Angry Birds a success on Apple iPhone has been acquired by Electronics Arts.