Apple bets big on MacBook Air sales

Industry-watching Taiwanese tech blog Digitimes has been digging through the bins behind local component suppliers and fiddling with its abacus to make up some vaguely believable-sounding numbers relating to Apple's latest laptop offering.

There's no doubt that Apple's two new MacBook Air models will appeal to a lot of people, not least because of the 11-inch SKU's £850 price tag, but even the hardiest Mac fanboy might raise an eyebrow at predictions being bandied about by specualtive bean counters.

One stock watcher reckons Apple will shift 700,000 of the razor sharp thigh warmers in the first quarter of 2010, which would represent 17 per cent of the company's entire Mac bottom line.

We're sure loads of well-heeled Macolytes will be grabbing an MBA to use as a second computer, but the general buzz we're hearing after Steve's keynote on Wednesday is that, despite being beautifully designed and more reasonably (in Apple terms anyway) priced, the Cupertino company's anorexic portable is just a bit too niche for most tastes.

Then again... this is a funny old business. Who would have thought tablet PCs would be flavour of the month a year ago?