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Apple FaceTime For Mac Security Flaw Uncovered

Apple's newly launched FaceTime for Mac video chat tool is riddled with security flaws, that leave users' username and passwords unprotected.

According to German tech news website MacNotes, the flaw in FaceTime for Mac leaves the user account information in the Apple ID service unprotected.

The flaw requires physical access to a machine in order to be exploited but can be dangerous for users who access public systems.

When the FaceTime video chat tool is activated, sensitive user account details such as usernames, passwords and recovery questions, can be accessed without having to provide authentication information.

The company introduced the beta version of the application on Mac OS X and is expected to ship the software with its upcoming Mac OS X Lion operating system.

Another function in the FaceTime application is that it logs password information, allowing any third party to run the application without the need of a password.

However, soon after the news broke out, MacNotes reported that Apple has fixed the security flaw.