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Apple MacBook Air Teardown Reveals SIX batteries

It was only a matter of time before iFixit tore open the latest MacBook Air laptop and the exercise showed that the smaller 11.6-inch MBA actually has a whopping six internal batteries.

The Lithium-polymer batteries, of various shape and size, account for a significant portion of the device's weight and internal volume, leaving very little space for other components.

iFixit's detailed teardown showed that the bigger MacBook Air has less batteries but that they have a higher capacity.

The 64GB flash storage is made up of four flash memory chips from Toshiba. It looks like a memory module but is a proprietary one which means that users won't be able to swap it for other components (except if Crucial and the likes come up with compatible parts).

As expected, it uses the same Broadcom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology but which have been slightly repackaged to fit into the 11.6-inch chassis.

The rest of the motherboard included an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz, the Nvidia Geforce 320M and 2GB worth of memory from Elpida.

We wonder whether the decision for Apple to go for six batteries doesn't lie in the fact that, like for silicon chips and displays, the bigger a part is, the more complicated (and likely to fail) it becomes.

Still it would possibly have made more sense to have battery in bars rather than in a rectangular format.