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BBC One HD Channel Goes Live Within Days

BBC has announced that it will launch the BBC One HD channel on the 3rd of November, simulcasting it with BBC One, on Freesat HD and Freeview HD.

Viewers will be able to tune in on Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108 while the existing BBC HD channel will move to Freeview channel 54, Sky channel 169, and Virgin Media channel 187 respectively.

Daniel Nagler, head of HD at the corporation, said that "The arrival of the UK's favourite channel in HD - as a second HD channel from the BBC - will increase the range and choice of HD programming we can offer the ever growing HD audience".

Arguably, one of the reasons for the apparent slow start of Freesat and Freeview HD resides in the fact that there are not enough HD free to air channels to convince users to upgrade their existing TV sets and set top boxes.

Some have also expressed their concerns over the fact that Freesat HD and Freeview HD are competing against one another with Freesat HD likely to be the loser because it requires a satellite dish, unlike Freeview HD which uses existing aerials.

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