Google To Launch Online Music Service In India

Google has launched an online music service in India in an attempt to combat the online music piracy that has crippled the Indian film industry.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company has added a new feature to is online search engine, that would allow Indian users to search for legal online music streams and downloads.

The search engine giant has partnered with India's largest music label Saregama India Ltd, US based record company Saavn and website

The partner companies have purchased the rights to hundreds of thousands of songs, ranging from hit Bollywood tracks to classical Indian music.

When users will search on Google, they will get search results from the three music partners, allowing users to stream their songs from a pop-up window.

The record firms partnering with Google hope that the new service will not only curb piracy, but will also drive traffic to their websites, which would allow them to sell ad space.