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Google Ordered To Reveal Identity Of Cyberstalker By Court

Google has been ordered by a US court to reveal the identity of a 'cyberstalker' who has published videos and abusive messages about an American businesswoman on YouTube.

Carla Franklin, a former model turned management consultant, had approached a court in New York after she discovered videos of herself taken from a student film on YouTube. She also reported that abusive messages, describing her as a whore, were also found on the website.

The New York court has ordered Google to provide the identity and the contact details of the people responsible for the act within the next 15 days to Miss Franklin.

Franklin said in a statement: “"I don't care about being called names. It was a safety issue. The internet cannot become a safe haven for harassers and stalkers.”

She also added that Google had been "very communicative" all this while and hopes that it will provide the necessary details.