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Google YouTube For Android 2.2 Released

Google has released the stand-alone YouTube video sharing application for devices using its Android operating system.

The application, which will only run on Android 2.2 Froyo, is the second such application to get updated and added separately from Android. Before this, Google had released the stand-alone version of its Gmail client.

YouTube for Android 2.2 will come with a host of new features, such as in-page playback, which will allow users to read the comments while watching a video. Other additional features are rotate to full-screen and personalisation of home screens.

Users will also be able to shoot and upload videos directly from the application instead of exiting the application and uploading the video separately. YouTube users will be able to like any video using Buzz, Facebook and Twitter.

Making YouTube into a stand-alone application for Android will allow Google to easily release updates for the application. However, releasing the application for Android 2.2 will leave out a huge number of Android users who haven't yet upgraded to the latest version.