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How email marketers get their messages through

Email is still one of the most powerful ways to market products to existing and potential customers - but a marketer's best efforts won't get anywhere if their messages don't get through.

Globally, one in five permission-based email marketing messages doesn't reach its intended recipient. A new report from email marketing experts ReturnPath provides new insights to make sure that one in five isn't yours.

Most email marketers know that email doesn't always get delivered to the inbox of the intended recipient - but a significant minority is still completely of problems such as spam filters which wrongly identify legitimate marketing messages as spam.

The problem is that even those email marketers who are aware of the problem, can't get access to information they need to put things right.

Internet service providers don't report back to marketers to tell them that messages have been diverted to the junk folder or blocked from delivery. The answer is take measures that reduce your risk of failure.

Among RedPath's recommendations for marketers is to use a 'seedlist'-based monitoring system. This means populating their database with known 'good' email addresses at each of the ISPs where they have customers, then monitoring to see if those email addresses receive the email that they send.

For a complete guide to making marketing emails count, download RedPath's report from our sister site here.