iPad gets even sexier with Victoria's Secret App

As if Apple's strokeable slab of glass and metal wasn't sexy enough, purveyor of scanty undercrackers to the ladies of America, Victoria's Secret, has released an iPad App to flog its bras and knickers.

The US outfit, which delivers catalogues to millions of US homes, most of which make it into the sock drawers of teenage boys rather than into the hands of the intended recipients, has managed to work its way into the Apple App Store despite featuring lots of saucy images of attractive young ladies in various stages of undress.

Anyone who grew up in the UK and has fond memories of certain pages of the Freeman's Catalogue will know exactly where we're coming from.

Those of you who are thinking of the pages with the Scalextric and Hornby train sets really need to get out more.

The App is free, available now, and will be downloaded by far more men than women.