Mario Anniversary Wii Set For 7 November US Release

Nintendo has announced that the company will release the red Wii and DSi XL devices to mark the 25th anniversary of Mario in the US on 7 November.

The red version of the Nintendo Wii will start shipping in the US from 7 November and will come with New Super Mario Bros Wii console and a Wii Remote Plus controller, along with Wii Sports and a red Nunchuck controller. The new Wii bundle will be available for $199.

The red Dsi XL will be available for $179 and will come with Mario Kart DS. The device will also come pre-loaded with Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock games as well.

The Mario themed DS also has a series of graphics along the front facing camera. The graphics include pictures of the mushroom, flower and star power-ups, made popular by the Mario games.

The Wii Remote Plus controller will come with built-in MotionPlus technology.