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Nvidia leaks GTX 580

The folks at have uncovered quite the piece of info displayed on Nvidia's website.

It seems that while surfing the interwebs, one of their readers noticed that amongst the 3D Vision Requirements list, lays a card dubbed the Geforce GTX 580. It is actually top of the list and repeated several times throughout the page.

Nvidia, however, has now pulled the leaky listing and removed any reference to its existence. You can still catch a screen cap on this page, though.

This minor lapse confirms what has been the target of many rumours: Nvidia will introduce a new top card soon, and probably on time to steal headlines from AMD.

Based on said rumours this card will be built around a new GF110 chip, a 2nd generation Fermi and direct successor to the original GF100. If Nvidia really wants to do this, it'll aim for late November, when AMD is expected to introduce its heavy-hitter 'Cayman' chip. Cayman is AMD's high-end 6000-series chip, and currently the only GPU expected to deliver a better performance than Nvidia's GTX 480.

The GF110 is said to be tweaked GF100 silicon with all 512 (16x32) shader processors active as opposed to the current 480 on the, erm... 480. Unfortunately this would be an extremely costly solution for Nvidia and this cost would be passed onto the consumer for a fairly low gain in performance. Do-able, but unless TSMC has completely perfected its 40nm process to 0 per cent defects, extremely unlikely.

Of course this could be one huge wind-up to get us journo types yapping about the cards. Oh my.