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Sharp bets on tablets

Electronics giant Sharp is reportedly leaving the PC market altogether, following a massive reduction in manufacturing late last year, in order to concentrate its efforts on the burgeoning tablet market.

The claims, which are made by Japanese paper The Nikkei, state that Sharp has concluded that it will be difficult for the company to turn a profit in a crowded market that has seen margins shrink and turnover suffer since the launch of Apple's ridiculously popular iPad tablet.

The move will see Sharp completely cease all its efforts in the stand-alone PC and laptop markets, instead focusing all its energy on marketing its upcoming Galapagos tablet.

Sharp will also be putting more focus on its content provision services, providing e-books, music, and video content for tablet device users.

It's an interesting move from a company that has long been a part of the PC market, but one that isn't exactly surprising: towards the end of 2009 Sharp has discontinued its main PC product lines, and as 2010 rolled on it became increasingly obvious that no replacements were on the way.

The good news for Sharp and its shareholders, however, is that because all PC production was outsourced, it won't have to make anyone redundant or receive any charges for shutting down plants - and customers can rest assured that they will still be able to claim under Sharp's warranties on their PC products.