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Sony Sells One Million PS Move Controllers

Japanese gaming giant Sony has announced that it has sold one million PlayStation Move units within a month of its launch in the US.

According to Reuters, Jack Tretton, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, claimed that the demand for the motion sensing gaming peripheral had outstripped its supply in the US. He also said that the company will not be able to match the demand until February 2011.

“We had to go back and increase production twice, we're absolutely maxed out right now,” he said.

Sony's Move motion sensing gaming peripheral was launched for its PlayStation 3 games console and uses a camera and controller to allow users to play motion sensing games. The company had earlier reported that it had sold around 1.5 million Moves in Europe alone.

Move's competitor, Kinect from Microsoft, will be launching soon. The company said that it had been receiving massive pre-orders for the peripheral and is expecting to sell around 3 million units this year.