Using web-based printer management tools

As a business grows, it makes perfect sense to share printers and imaging devices over a network - but as that fleet becomes more complex, management becomes more complex.

That's why many organisations choose web-based tools that allow IT support technicians to manage their printing fleet from anywhere on the network.

The latest web-based printer management systems allow technical support staff to configure devices across a network using a web-style interface that opens in any browser program, from any computer on the network. From there, they can discover new devices, track IP addresses and configure devices remotely.

Compared to conventional, centralised management of print servers and ad hoc support involving support staff visiting individual devices, browser-based management saves time and provides much-needed flexibility, reducing the biggest hidden cost involved in printing - staff time.

Web-based printer management can cut your energy bills too, by remotely scheduling the power management functions of the printer fleet.

Advanced reporting capabilities enable you to look at where your costs arise from - who prints what, using what applications. You can use this information to streamline the ordering of supplies, control access to particular print functions, and determine the organisation's future needs as it grows.

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