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Virgin Media Unveils Billboard Made Up Of Cheese

ISP Virgin Media is promoting its super fast broadband by commissioning a one-off billboard that is made entirely of cheese and which will be exposed in London's Covent Garden, not far from the Apple store.

Why cheese? It is related to the company's new Speedy Gonzalez advertising campaign and since Speedy Gonzalez is a mouse that loves cheese.

Virgin Media is currently offering a free installation deal for customers looking to buy triple-play bundle. This represents a £50 saving which will be credited to the customer's first bill. The offer ends on the 31st of October.

The company's cheapest triple play offer includes 65 digital TV channels, 10Mbps fibre optic broadband and unlimited weekend landline calls for £19 per month on a 12-month contract; the notable exception being students who are only tied in a nine-month contract and get free installation by default.

We'd certainly have preferred if Virgin Media had used Bip Bip, the desert roadrunner which always seems to give a hard time to the ever-hungry ACME-loving Coyote.