Virtualisation Technology Used By Majority Of Mid-market Firms

A new study conducted by ESG Research has informed that only 7 per cent of large mid-market organisations and enterprises have not deployed server virtualisation technology and have no plans to do so.

The research also revealed that 61 per cent of organisations are using server virtualisation technology for testing and development of applications and for creating product environments, according to Network World.

While most of the organisations are using server virtualisation for web-based applications and print services, many of them fail to use it for transaction-oriented applications or databases.

The ESG report also highlights the fact that many organisations face difficulties while integrating storage devices, servers and networks with server virtualisation.

It was also found that merely 30 per cent of the organisations use VM Mobility in their operations while 24 per cent believe that they don't need to use VM Mobility tools.

The results of the study come as industry leaders are trying the convince organisations to adopt cloud computing technologies, even when most of them are not ready to use server virtualisation to the full extent.