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£29.49 Transcend JetFlash 500 USB 2.0 Flash Memory Pen / Key Drive - 32GB (Purple)

Losing USB end caps can be quite annoying, not to mention the inconvenience of taking the cap on and off every time the drive is used.

For extra convenience and protection, the JetFlash 500 flash drive is designed with an innovative extension and retraction mechanism that enables users to bring out or hide the connector with a single flick of the thumb.

Its capless design not only keeps dust and debris out of the drive, but also ensures there is no cap to misplace or lose.

Thanks to its use of ultrasonic welding technology, the JetFlash 500 drive’s inseparable outer case not only makes the drive more solid and rugged, but also improves its tactile and visual appeal.

The JetFlash 500 is a USB flash drive you will want to take out of your pocket and show off to your friends. There's also a free download of JetFlash Elite data management tools and limited Lifetime warranty.

You can purchase the drive from 7dayshop for only £29.49 including delivery.