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£128 HannsG HH251DP 24.6 inch LCD Monitor

Saturated with detail, this large 24.6" monitor takes you to the level of full 1080p High Definition. It synchronises beautifully with your PC and HD-ready devices thanks to VGA and DVI (with HDCP) input connections.

The luxury of having an array of 16.7 million colours means you're in the hotseat for luscious visuals, backed by the anti-glare screen.

The dynamic contrast ratio can reach a potential of 15,000:1, ensuring clarity is a key factor, plus there's two 1.5w stereo speakers embedded into the design to fulfil your multimedia needs.

Encased in an outer frame of a high gloss finish, the exquisite arc contours further accentuates the monitor's subtle brilliance. Instead of a dull, traditional-styled stand, the monitor is supported by an exquisitely designed base with mild contours.

The monitor stand is easily installed without any tools; you may also wish to wall-mount it for unparalleled versatility in space utilization.

This HannsG HH251DP 24.6 inch LCD Monitor can be bought from Scan for only £128.04.