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Angry Birds Halloween Released For iOS, Android Shunned

Rovio, the developer behind Angry birds, has released two new versions of the game aimed at the iPhone and iPod Touch and the iPad respectively, developed exclusively for the Halloween season.

Android users might feel slightly left out as the download is iOS only; Android users can however fall back on free version of the original Angry birds game.

The Halloween editions are actually totally new games with 45 levels and new themes and a tad more difficult according to early reviews.

The SD version of the game cost 59p on iTunes with the HD alternative costing twice that and it is very likely that Rovio develops Christmas, St Valentine and Easter versions in due course.

Chillingo, the publishers behind Angry Birds, has been purchased by EA for $20 million and Rovio retained the rights to Angry Birds, allowing it to release the games on the iOS platform but not others.

The game has been downloaded more than 17 million times according to its developers and it is likely that repackaging the franchise will lengthen its lifespan.