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Apple Ditches Pre-installed Flash on Macs

Apple is shipping its new MacBook Air notebook without pre-installing Adobe's Flash software.

The company has also confirmed that future Apple computers will not ship with Flash as well.

Apple is a claiming that the decision has been made to best protect its customers rather than harming the software maker.

People wishing to install Flash on the notebook will have to visit Adobe's website and manually download and install the software.

A spokesperson for Apple said in a statement: “We're happy to continue to support Flash on the Mac and the best way for users to always have the most up to date and secure version is to download it directly from Adobe.”

However, industry experts believe that the move is Apple's latest attempt to strike a blow to Adobe's software tool. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been very vocal in expressing his dislike for Flash, claiming that the software is bug infested and harms the battery life of a device.