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BlackBerry App World Launched

RIM has launched the online version of the Blackberry App World store, allowing users to browse and download Blackberry apps from their desktops.

Although App World does not offers as many apps as found on Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market, the company claims that the stores only offers use full apps for its customers.

Tech news site The Register reports that users will be able to download and sync the applications directly to a Blackberry device by connecting it to a computer.

Users will also have to install a plug-in on their web-browser to make the Blackberry work with the website.

Previously, users were only able to send a link via SMS to a Blackberry device in order to download and install the application on their phones. However, the new sync feature will make it easier for Blackberry users to install apps on their device.

RIM is also preparing the launch of its own tablet device and having a device syncing capability on a web-based app store will prove to be a boon for users, as well as help it compete with Apple's iPad and the range of Android-powered tablet devices.