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BT To Double Apprenticeship Intake

BT has announced that it will be doubling the number of apprentices it hires in order to get extra help for the massive UK-wide broadband roll-out currently being panned.

According to The Telegraph, the company said that it would be hiring 200 more people as apprentices before Christmas.

The number of apprenticeship applications sent to BT in August was 24,000 for a total of 221 positions. The company had received 9,000 applications last year.

BT said in a statement: “This second wave of recruitment will see Openreach recruit more than 200 further people by Christmas which … will be very welcome news in the current climate.”

The apprentices will help BT managed the £2.5 billion UK-wide broadband roll-out that the company has been planning.

According to the company's plans, 10 million will be connected to the fibre-based broadband network by 2012. BT also plans to add 4 million people to the network by the end of this year.