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Cheaper Wi-Fi Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet To be Launched

As expected, a cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab device will be released, one without the 3G and sporting a flashy new Silver colour, possibly just on time for Black Friday which normally marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US.

Pocketables published pictures of what appear to be a brochure or a poster from Bestbuy asking for interested parties to contact Best Buy mobile specialist for more details. Apparently, the Wi-Fi (and 3G) will be available with contract and monthly plans from $499.99.

The 3G version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet is expected to cost as much as $650 without subsidies and around $399 with a two year contract and after a $50 mail in rebate.

In comparison, the tablet can be had for as little as £499.99 from Carphone Warehouse locked on Talkmobile or £529 when purchased unlocked/SIM Free.

The fact that Best Buy will be selling the Galaxy tab is undoubtedly interesting not the least because Best Buy is also present in the UK and **may** sell it here as well, we hope, for as little as £399.99 or around £30 less than the equivalent Apple iPad tablet.