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Chinese Activists Planning Wikileaks-style Whistleblower Site

Chinese activists are planning to launch a Wikileaks-style whistleblowing website in a bid to disclose state secrets and fuel a political revolution in China.

The leader of the Government Leaks group, known as 'Deep Throat', said that the website will go live on 1 June next year on the 22nd anniversary of Beijing's Tiananmen square massacre, according to the South China Morning Post.

Deep Throat told the daily: “I think that by making government secrets open we can promote democracy in China. This is a fight against the dictatorship, and to return the right to information to the people. I believe it will advance China's political reform.”

Considering China's draconian online censorship laws, providing state secrets to the websites would almost certainly land the contributors in jail. Several Chinese human rights groups have expressed their fears over the success of the website.

Joshua Rosenzweig of the Dui Hua foundation, an organisation that represents the rights of the people detained in China, said in a statement to The Guardian: “The extent to which Chinese police monitor the internet and the broad definition of state secrets and classified information in China makes communication of this kind of information risky.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.