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Face Off : HP Slate 500, Viewsonic Viewpad 10 & Zoostorm SL8

The HP Slate 500 is not the first Windows 7 tablet computer (or Slate PC according to Microsoft literature) to come to the market and while HP has yet to confirm whether the device will land in the UK, there are already two other comparable tablets ready to fill the gaps.

The first one of them is the Zoostorm SL8, a £520 Slate PC powered by Windows 7 Professional and which, like the HP Slate 500 is squarely aimed at professionals and enterprises.

It comes with an Intel Atom N450 1.66Ghz processor, 2GB RAM, a 32GB SSD, Wi-FI, one HDMI and two USB ports, a card reader slot and, most importantly, a 11.6-inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels, the same as the latest Macbook Air.

The Zoostorm SL8 also sports a SIM Card slot, a webcam (but no back camera) and optional 3G & GPS alongside WI-Fi, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot. At less than 1Kg, it is a pretty compelling purchase for those who can't wait for the HP Slate 500 to be launched.

The other viable alternative to the Slate 500 is the £430 Viewsonic Viewpad 10 which features the unique capability of dual booting Windows 7 (albeit Home Premium) and Android OS 1.6.

Like the Zoostorm SL8, the Viewpad 10 is significantly heavier than the HP Slate 500 thanks partly to a bigger screen. It comes with an Intel Atom N455 processor, only 1GB RAM and a 16GB SSD.

There's no HDMI port, 3G and the 3200mAh battery is 33 per cent smaller than the one on the Zoostorm SL8. But you still get Wi-Fi, the front facing camera and a big 10-inch WXGA capacitive touchscreen display.

How does the Slate compares? Well, assuming that it will be sold in the US, it has a faster processor, more onboard storage, a smaller screen (with equal resolution) and hopefully roughly the same price.