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Google Cooks Bake "Official" Gingerbread Android OS Statue

Google has almost confirmed the release of the next version of Android OS, also known as Gingerbread although the version number has yet to be confirmed it seems.

PC Mag reports that the search giant has been sprinkling Gingerbread figures around buildings where Android is being developed as it did with Eclair and Froyo over the past few years.

However, whether Gingerbread will be 3.0 or 2.3 apparently remains to be confirmed as AndroidCentral spotted a reply coming from an Android Security Engineer who identified Android OS 2.3 as a major release.

Whether, the engineer was referring to a major update for Android OS 2.2 (like Service Packs for Windows) or a completely different different OS (i.e. Android OS 3.0) remains to be seen.

Gingerbread is expected to require at least a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, a 3.5-inch screen and an optimum resolution of 1280x760, which would make of it the first mobile OS to be HD-ready.

Presented as the next generation Android OS, it is expected to be launched towards the end of the year and has attracted a number of speculations, surrounding its appearance on table devices.

Check the video below which depicts the official arrival of Gingerbread statue at Google Office.