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Google Facing Investigation Over Data Privacy Breaches

Google is set to be investigated by the UK Information Commissioner's Office over the alleged privacy breaches conducted by its Street View service.

The move comes after Google confessed that some of the data collected by its Street View service also contains full e-mail addresses, URLs and users' passwords.

Privacy watchdogs from other European nations conducting their own investigations into Google Street View confirmed that Google had collected much more than Wi-Fi hotspot details from unprotected wireless networks in households.

“It’s clear from those inspections that while most of the data is fragmentary, in some instances entire emails and URLs were captured, as well as passwords. We want to delete this data as soon as possible, and I would like to apologise again for the fact that we collected it in the first place,” the company said in a blogpost.

The ICO, which had earlier concluded that the data collected by Google was harmless, said that it would conduct an enquiry to see whether Google collected e-mails, passwords and URLs in the UK as well and decide upon the necessary course of action.